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With more than 70 years of experience,

Iskratel is the leading European ICT provider for the digital transformation of the telecommunications, transport, public safety and energy industries. With its own R&D and manufacturing centres, over 900 employees and global footprint in more than 50 countries, Iskratel combines experience and expertise with creativity and innovation.

About us

Our focus is on creating cutting-edge, integrated solutions for telecommunications operators, service providers and the digitalisation of the transport, public safety and energy industries.

Our mission

We strive to create value, ensure safety, increase efficiency and  improve quality of life. As we continue to expand our global reach, we continue to focus on local specifics and providing each customer with a personalised service. We deliver to ensure the success of our customers and business partners.

Leading ICT provider

  • 70 years of experience
  • 30 locations worldwide
  • 900 employees
  • Global footprint in 50 countries
  • 100 million satisfied users
  • EU-based R&D and own manufacturing facilities


70 years of experience

Establishment of company Iskra
Electro mechanical exchange
ITT Belgium Metaconta license
Siemens AG JV
SI2000 V5
Broadband Triple-play
SI3000 Call Server
Siemens AG exit
SI3000 Lumia
Innbox CPE
Entry into industry verticals
SI3000 Compact Call Server
GSM-R turnkey project
Cloud-services platform
Start-up programme 
First eCall implementation in EU
World's first 
dual-nature OLT
5G Safety project
Carrier-grade SD-PON
Mesh Wi-Fi
Evolution to 5G



"Encouraged by tradition of success we are creating a link to the digital future with comprehensive and innovative solutions."
Željko Puljić
Robert Kuzmič
Andrej Svetina
Sašo Šimec
COO and Director of the EMS Business Unit
Matjaž Aljančič
Director of the Broadband Business Unit
Tadej Dragaš
Director of the Industry Verticals Business Unit
Damir Opsenica
Director of the Core Business Unit


Our values

Based on our 70 years of experience, we are committed to following five basic principles throughout all the work we undertake to ensure that Iskratel’s reputation as a reliable and friendly provider of state-of-the-art telecommunications solutions for our business partners continues to grow.
Business excellence
We want to justify our owners’ confidence in us and increase the cost-effectiveness of the services we provide. Over the past years, our success shows our ability to manage and adapt to the ever-changing landscape of the telecommunications industry. Despite severe market pressures and an unpredictable industry, we have continued to increase our turnover through relevant products and excellent service.
Tailor-made solutions
We develop our products in close cooperation with our partners and customers. We strive to achieve high-quality, customized solutions and services that meet the specific requirements of our customers. Our business partners and customers supply us with constant feedback in order to help us provide them with total customer satisfaction.
Technology without limits
Product development and adaptability are the two basic maxims of our operation. Throughout our existence, we have helped to push the technological limits of communication by turning ideas into concrete innovations.
Unparalleled expertise
Iskratel constantly encourages its employees to undertake training and education courses. The company focuses on the development of its young staff to ensure we maintain our competitive advantage.
Principled and honourable
“Integrity characterises our relationship with our business partners, fellow workers, associates and the public.” This statement summarises our company’s principles. We strive to meet high ethical and legal standards. The employees of Iskratel have committed themselves to adhere strictly to the principles of the in-house Business Conduct Guidelines.


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