CIGRE 2022 - Iskratel

28 August – 2 September, Paris, France

At Kontron Smart Energy, one of the leading European providers of customised solutions for the digitalisation and dedicated domain applications, we are thrilled to meet you in person at the World’s largest summit for power system expertise.

As global energy consumption continues to grow; energy companies are striving to create a more sustainable energy market and reduce their carbon footprint. This highlights a critical need for safe and cost-effective energy solutions that offer increased reliability and efficiency.

Visit us at Stand S259 to learn how Transmission System Operator (TSO) and Distribution System Operator (DSO) can overcome the increased operational complexity and grid planning challenges. At Kontron Smart Energy, we believe that interoperability, information sharing, and leveraging data is the critical value that smart grids have to offer in mitigating these challenges.

Reach out to us today and book a meeting to learn first-hand how together with Kontron Smart Energy you can SHAPE the future of electricity.
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