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19. 4. 2023

Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the University of Ljubljana and S&T Iskratel with state-of-the-art 5G equipment for students and research

The modern equipment of the technical faculties is crucial for the education of the future man who will enter the digitalized labour market.
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19. 4. 2023

Two new CPE devices launched bringing multi-gigabit connectivity to today’s smart homes

Broadband network operators can ensure a seamless smart home and business experience for their customers thanks to the release of two new multi-gigabit Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) devices today at the FTTH Conference in Madrid.
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12. 4. 2023

S&T Iskratel unveils world’s fastest PON OLT

Operators can avoid costly hardware investments when virtualizing and upgrading their fibre networks to meet faster broadband requirements for homes and businesses thanks to the latest release of two new top-of-the-line, multi-terabit Optical Line Terminals (OLTs).
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11. 1. 2023

Considerable majority of UK operators expect their equipment vendors to use energy-efficiency labelling

According to a new report published today, the vast majority of respondents (97%) favour publishing data about energy efficiency of products and solutions, and operators are more likely to work with vendors that use energy-efficiency labels (84%).
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6. 12. 2022

S&T Iskratel and AVM achieve interoperability of their flagship XGS-PON products

Fruitful cooperation of the two leading European providers efficiently addresses the needs of German operators for open fibre-optic solutions.
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26. 9. 2022

FTTH and 5G FWA: A partnership to connect the world

Governments all around the world are setting their goals for a connected society, ensuring internet access to as many citizens as possible, if not for everyone.
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20. 9. 2022

Customisation of CPE: Why on Earth?

Customisation and personalisation have become a part of almost every aspect of our life – in one form or another.
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5. 9. 2022

Iskratel and S&T Slovenija merge to form S&T Iskratel

Customers of leading European ICT company Iskratel will have access to an improved and greater range of services thanks to the merger with S&T Slovenija to form ‘S&T Iskratel’.
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16. 8. 2022

Thinking about the Future. Together.

Here at Iskratel, we take the Future seriously – the Future of our technologically-laden societies on Earth.
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4. 8. 2022

Iskratel fuels Zzoomm's ambitious FTTP expansion across the UK

Zzoomm and Iskratel partner to provide future-ready, multi-gigabit full fibre connectivity to residents and businesses across the UK
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