News - Iskratel
26. 11. 2012

Iskratel's WiMAX – the key component in a project presented at the 2nd Slovenian SmartGrids Conference

Ljubljana, 13 Nov 2012 - At the second Slovenian Technological Platform for Smart Grids conference, the power company Elektro Gorenjska presented its project called “Active networks' (SmartGrids) communication system upgrade to WiMAX”.
After years of searching for the best technology, business-case simulation and, finally, field testing, the WiMAX technology 802.16e was selected by Elektro Gorenjska as the optimal communication system for two-way data transfer between a group of control-metering devices and the central information system. The project united many Slovenian technology companies, with Iskratel supplying the main communication part of the network. Elektro Gorenjska acquired the proper frequencies from the Slovenian regulator agency APEK.

The deployment of the smart grid started in 2007, and with as little as five base stations, it currently covers more than 80% of its energy network and customers. The network enables fast, reliable and above all, high-quality energy-data transmission.