News - Iskratel
30. 5. 2014

CIO OF THE YEAR 2014 awarded to head of IT at Iskratel group

In the Iskratel group, we are aware of the fact that modern info-communications solutions consist of complex intertwining of telecommunications and informatics. This is why we are exceptionally pleased and proud that the head of IT in the Iskratel group, Anton Kavčič, MA, is the award winner of the CIO of the year 2014. 

The award is the confirmation of the proficiency and successfulness of Mr. Kavčič and his whole team, and as at the same time they are involved in foundations of Iskratel’s solutions and products, affirmation of the IT excellence of the whole Iskratel group. 

This strengthens Iskratel´s leading position among the European telecommunication vendors. Iskratel is one of the initiators and co-founders of the Research center for information-communication technology (RC IKT), the workplace of Kavčič’s team, and strongly believes in innovativeness by supporting entrepreneurial initiatives and rapid development of new ideas and maintains good relationships with the academic sphere.