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15. 5. 2014

Rostelecom and IskraUralTEL sign agreement on joint modernization and development of communication networks

Within the framework of the 26th International Exhibition for Telecommunications, Control Systems, IT and Communication Services «Sviaz‑Expocomm 2014», held in Moscow, OAO Rostelecom, a russian manufacturer of telecommunication equipment, and ZAO IskraUralTEL have signed a cooperation agreement on modernization and development of communication networks.

The document was signed by the Senior Vice‑President of Rostelecom Alexander Tseytlin and Director General of IskraUralTEL Vladislav Davydov.

The agreement envisages a long-term and mutually-beneficial cooperation for the sake of further modernization and development of Rostelecom networks while enhancing their productivity through the use of world-renowned solutions and experience of IskraUralTEL.

“Our company is very demanding when it comes to technical solutions and equipment required to ensure high-speed, large-volume traffic,” says Rostelecom senior vice president, Alexander Tseytlin,  “and our long experience of cooperation with IskraUralTEL proves that it manufactures certified equipment and offers high-quality services. This new agreement will definitely expand the range of Russian-made communication equipment and technologies used in building Rostelecom networks and access points.

“We highly value our reputation of a reliable and flexible partner, and we greatly appreciate our partnership with Rostelecom in building the modern Russian modern infocommunication infrastructure”, says Director General of IskraUralTEL Vladislav Davydov.

As part of their wide-scale cooperation, the parties are set to extend the development and adaptation of system and application software, enhance the localization level of telecom production, and ensure maximum effect from using state-of-the-art equipment in accordance with the latest compatibility, reliability and security standards. An important part of the agreement is devoted to the optimization of Rostelecom’s after-sales service and professional training of engineering and technical staff.