News - Iskratel
14. 5. 2015

President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow visits Iskratel

Iskratel has been present in Turkmenistan for some years now; it is one of the companies paving the way to this Asian country for Slovenian economy. The Turkmen leader's visit to Iskratel and the demonstration of cutting-edge Telco solutions manifest the President's aspiration for progress in infocommunications and a higher quality of life in Turkmenistan.

Iskratel's scope of business in Turkmenistan expands every year: the country presents numerous exceptional business opportunities.  Iskratel is currently negotiating a number of major projects in the field of telecommunications, transport and energy infrastructures with Turkmen government. The New Village project, selected by the Turkmen government in an international contest as the most appropriate for introducing modern telecommunication services in suburban areas, is undergoing final negotiations.

Iskratel's CEO Željko Puljić commented on the President's visit: “Turkmenistan is a rapidly-growing and future-oriented country, seeking modern technological solutions for the development of its economy and a higher quality of life for the citizens. The progress achieved within the few years that Iskratel has been present there is remarkable. We are certainly proud that the Turkmen government has recognized our solution for technological modernization in urban and suburban areas as the most appropriate. Today, our demonstration proved to the country's leader himself that it was a perfect choice.”

Iskratel will strive to see the business expectations of both parties set as soon as possible. If successful, users in the above-mentioned fields could have access to the latest Telco solutions this year already.