News - Iskratel
19. 1. 2016

Iskratel enabled Slovenia to be the first country in Europe deploying the European eCall national-wide

Iskratel is presenting a solution of a smooth network transformation into Cloud Architecture, supported by a unique case study of vIMS deployment at a major European Tier-1 Operator at the 17th Telecommunications Conference in Ljubljana, Slovenia, November 16th, 2016.

The Operators today are facing major challenges to adapt in the telecommunications business environement. A very stiff competition in Telco industry dictates ever richer services to subscribers at ever lower prices. In addition, their business models are changing, as the Operators are collaborating as well as competing with content and services providers.

There are two directions that the Operators can pursue in the future to increase their profitability: introduce new apps and services or focus on optimization of costs. Iskratel has a solution for both aspects and with it efficiently solves the Operator’s pain. Iskratel’s vIMS solution enables smooth migration of existing services to the new Cloud Architecture. The vIMS solution is already being successfully deployed by Iskratel at a major European Tier-1 Operator.