News - Iskratel
14. 3. 2017

Operators must learn new tricks when it comes to profitable business models

Speaking on the opening day of FTTH Conference 2017, Iskratel CTO Damjan Slapar said that operators which continue to rely on box equipment for fiber networks will not be as successful as those working with system integrators which can install, manage and monitor end-to-end solutions, enabling the provision of new services and generation of additional revenue streams. “Following the disruption to the telecoms market from over-the-top (OTT) players, operators are now in an advantageous position,” says Slapar. “Instead of having to find ways to fight against the cloud-service offerings from traditional web service providers, they can now prepare their own and capitalize on the market’s shift towards virtualization.“

Slapar was speaking as the FTTH Conference, held in Marseille, France, opens its doors to an expected 3,000 visitors. Iskratel is among the companies that will exhibit, with its portfolio of fiber products providing end-to-end networking solutions for operators across the globe.

“It is critical for operators to be able to evolve their methods to fit the changing connectivity marketplace,” added Slapar. “As fiber deployments grow and software-defined networks become the norm, operators need to be agile enough to take advantage of the business benefits provided by reduced complexity and simpler mass provisioning.”