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13. 10. 2017

Slovenia becomes one of the pioneers in the EU with eCall

Iskratel has welcomed a hundred of public safety experts at the international expert consultation meeting Testfest October 9 -13, organized by ERTICO/ITS and ETSI, hosted by Sintesio Slovenia with the support of Iskratel. ERTICO strives for safe, smart, and clean mobility, which is becoming a part of everyday life for everyone in the world, regardless of their social, cultural, or geographical situation. Thanks to Iskratel, Slovenia is among the first European countries to implement the eCall solution. 

The experts, mainly from the fields of development engineering, electrical engineering, computer science, mathematics, and related sciences, come from nearly 40 companies in 15 different countries. These include world leaders in their respective areas, such as Tesla, VW, Škoda, Robert Bosch, Yamaha, Huawei, Jaguar Land Rover, Kyocera, and many other companies. Slovenian companies are represented at the event by Iskratel and Telekom Slovenije. The common interest of the participants is the eCall solution; thanks to Iskratel, Slovenia is at the forefront of its development and the first country in the EU to put the solution into operation.

The benefits of the eCall solution for the residents and the society are at large enabling faster response times and providing the exact location of the accident for saving human lives. A human life may depend on the time it takes to determine the location of the person in need of aid and to transmit this information to the emergency services. It is anticipated that the introduction of this system in the European Union will reduce the number of traffic fatalities by 2,500 per year. Timely intervention is crucial for reducing the consequences of accidents, ensuring faster rehabilitation of the person injured and, thus, their quicker return to work and integration into society. 
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