News - Iskratel
9. 5. 2018

Major Tier-1 operator selects Iskratel GPON technology for network upgrade

Iskratel announces its Innbox G108 home gateway is being used in a next-generation PON trial by one of the leading major Tier-1 operators involved in the ONF CORD® (Central Office Re-architected as a Datacenter®) project.  

Around 700 of the Optical Network Terminals (ONTs) – which were launched at the FTTH Conference in Valencia, Spain, earlier this year – have been deployed to support speeds of up to 10Gbps upstream and 10Gbps downstream. 

The deployment of Iskratel’s technology is part of a network upgrade to meet consumer demand for gigabit broadband. Following the deployment, the operator aims to increase its service offerings in response to the need for new business models that will instigate new revenue.

CORD® and Central Office Re-Architected as a Datacenter® are registered trademarks by the ONF.
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