News - Iskratel
5. 6. 2018

Teleste and Iskratel deploy hybrid GPON and DOCSIS solution

One of the leading Central European cable and satellite service providers has successfully completed the testing of a hybrid last-mile broadband solution jointly provided by Iskratel and Teleste, a specialist in broadband video and data communication systems and services.

Combining Iskratel’s GPON technology with Teleste’s DOCSIS-based mini-CMTS – the DOCSIS® Access Hub (DAH) – the solution creates a fast and economical way for the operator to deliver gigabit broadband and new revenue-generating services to its customers. 

The operator will now deploy the solution across its network, utilising its existing coax cabling as an extension of its fibre network to provide gigabit speeds, without the heavy investment and disruption that comes with laying Fibre-to-the-Home.