News - Iskratel
12. 9. 2018

Iskratel successfully deploys IoT-based IRM for Slovenian Railways

Iskratel successfully implemented its new Internet of Things (IoT)-based Incident-Response Management (IRM) for Slovenian Railways. The IoT-based solution has already prevented four potential rail incidents in Slovenia earlier this year.

The incidents of locked brakes and consequently overheated wheels have been avoided as operators were equipped with detailed, real-time information about the incidents and emergencies, therefore enabling them to collate the information quickly and make instant decisions. The newly implemented solution already proved lucrative for the railway customer, as potential damage and incurred costs were prevented in time. 

According to Iskratel, the installation represents a significant step forward in the digital transformation of the transport industry, which is generally recognised as conventional and traditional. The team for transport solutions as Iskratel believes they have proved Iskratel’s strategic direction in the transport industry and are confident that they can drive digital transformation in the right way.