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5. 9. 2018

Iskratel is the lead partner in 5G Safety project

Iskratel, d.o.o., Kranj is the lead partner in the project entitlet 5G Enabled Public Safety Services and Applications (the English acronym 5G Safety). 5GSafety is unique in bringing together a winning ecosystem of Slovenian 5G PPDR players to address realistic challenges and expectations and consequently ensure the success and sustainability of the project. In addition to the lead partner 5G Safety Consortium brings together partners Telekom Slovenije d.d., Faculty for electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana and  OSI d.o.o. that are leading players in research, innovation and technology provisioning in 5G, public safety, security and other fields of the ICT sector, and a number of key Slovenian PPDR stakeholders supporting this project or being active members in the Advisory Board.

The strategic objective of 5G Safety is to deliver research and innovation towards a new generation of 5G-ready products and services tailored to the needs of the PPDR sector. The aim is to investigate and design new architectures and key enabling technologies to deliver an advanced telco-grade Dispatcher as a Service (DPaaS) offered to PPDR professional and a new generation of user-centred applications for personal safety of citizens, and to investigate strategies for implementation of such applications in a virtualised and shared 5G environment with ensured safety, privacy and backward compatibility with current PPDR communication systems.

The collective experience and expertise of the partners enable successful implementation of 5G Safety through the delivery of the specific objectives as stated below:

  • To deliver architecture designs and key enabling technologies for the next generation of public safety services in a 5G-ready environment based on latest cutting edge technological mainstreams.
  • To design new 5G PPDR products and services and deliver working prototypes.
  • To design a new and improved user experience and new consumption modalities for citizens and professionals.
  • To implement a 4.5/5G PPDR demonstration facility and demonstrate capabilities of the prototypes.
  • To engage with key public safety stakeholders, regulatory and policy making bodies to ensure compliance of the portfolio with realistic expectations and needs.
  • To reinforce leadership of the consortium partners in the public safety and 5G domains.
  • To catalyse a new market ecosystem for 5GSafety technologies.
  • To cater for improved innovation and research capacities in 5G and public safety sectors in Slovenia and Europe.

This project has been selected for funding on the public call "Spodbujanje izvajanja raziskovalno-razvojnih projektov (TRL3-6)" by the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport (decision no. 5441-2/2017/283. 

The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union under the European Regional Development Fund ( 

The project started on 1.9.2018 and is expected to be completed on 31.8.2021.

The list of events and results:

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