News - Iskratel
30. 5. 2019

Iskratel’s Evolution to 5G

One of the most common questions you can stumble upon these days is how 5G will change our lives. The World Economic Forum believes 5G will be as revolutionary as electricity or the automobile. Others consider it to be the next game-changer due to its capability to transfer enormous quantities of data in real time.

Nevertheless, even if we do not want to run to conclusions too fast, something is pretty clear. The appetite for data and bandwidth is rapidly increasing as smart homes, cities, automobiles, assistants, and the like are on the rise. In order to make home and city infrastructure smarter, and digitally transform the industries, an enormous amount of real-time data will need to be collected and shared over the network. Something that capabilities of 4G will simply not be able to support.

Therefore, the potential of 5G is enormous. From healthcare with telemedicine, sign monitoring, and remote surgeries to 135-billion-dollar gaming industry that is highly affected by low latency and connectivity. There is arguably no industry that would not have any plans with this new technology.

At Iskratel we leverage more than 70 years of experience and extensive know-how in call control, IMS and provisioning to facilitate easy migration to next-generation networks and introduction of SDN- and NFV-based solutions – making telco cloud a reality. We accelerate operators towards fibre, cloud, virtualisation and 5G, and empower them to deliver end-to-end services that residential and business users expect, while maximising profits in a smart and cost-effective way. Having deployed the world’s biggest Cloud VoLTE at European Tier-1 and with a proven track record at more than 50 major operators we are shaping the 5G portfolio for telcos, energy and utilities, smart city, public protection and disaster relief, smart manufacturing, and transport.

Read more in the executive summary and find out why we are THE partner for the evolution to 5G.

Do not miss today’s presentation titled ‘5G: Exploring the Benefits’ held by Damir Opsenica, Director of the Business Unit Core at Wireless Russia & CIS 2019 in Moscow. Should you happen to be in Cologne next week for ANGA COM 2019 and you want to secure a front-row seat on a journey towards 5G, do not hesitate to book a meeting with our friendly experts at Stand S50 in Hall 8. You are also invited to join us at the upcoming industry-leading event in London – 5G World Summit 2019, from June 11 to 13.