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20. 5. 2019

Participation in the sAFE project

According to the EU legislation, eCall is a mandatory standard equipment on board of all new type-approved M1 and N1 vehicles. However, as European PSAPs (Public Safety Answering Points) are equipped to receive eCall, it is expected that many existing vehicles will be retro-fitted with after-market eCall devices.

The aim of “sAFE – Aftermarket eCall For Europe” is to define the standards and specifications to pave the way for deployment of aftermarket systems for eCall. The deployment shall reduce the number of fatalities in the Union as well as the severity of injuries caused by road accidents.

In order to guarantee the full functionality, compatibility, interoperability, continuity and conformity of after-market across Europe to the existing eCall, specifications will be derived establishing criteria. The scope is not limited to vehicle Categories M1 (Cars) N1 (Light Commercial Vehicles) but will include additional Categories as already being specified by CEN TC278 WG15.

The focus of the Action is to continue improve the safety on roads as defined in §19a of the Regulation (EU) No 1315/2013 for the development of the trans-European transport network and repealing Decision No 661/2010/EU as one of the priorities for road infrastructure development. sAFE will reduce risks and required duration for successful full deployment of after-market 112 eCall in the EU.

The technology evolution, from circuit switched to packet switched using IMS, is handled in CEN TS 17184 and the conformance tests in CEN TS 17240. eCall from a C-ITS equipped vehicle can be achieved using CEN TS 17182. Iskratel as a partner with its expertise in NG-eCall and “All-IP” technologies coordinates the Sub-activity “eCall over IMS” and collaborates in the Sub-activity dealing with Security and Privacy. Iskratel is also a partner in the Sub-activity working on developing Specifications and Requirements for new NG-eCall technologies, also in conjunction with new vehicle categories.

The Commission has decided to award a grant, under the terms and conditions set out in the Special Conditions, the General Conditions and the other Annexes to the Agreement, for the action entitled "sAFE" ("the action"), action number 2018-EU-TM-0079-S. The action shall run from 01/01/2019 (“the starting date”) until 31/12/2020 (“the completion date”). This action has been awarded also by the Ministry of Infrastructure in Slovenia.

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