News - Iskratel
13. 3. 2020

Safety first

Our mission is creating new value, providing safety and improving the overall quality of life of our customers, partners and the society. Ensuring safety is crucial as we witness the outbreak of the new corona virus respiratory disease (Covid-19).

At Iskratel Group we fulfil our mission and continue to keep our employees, our customers and our partners safe. "We remain committed to our values and act responsibly, ensuring a healthy environment for our employees, while we continue with our efforts to fulfil the commitments to our customers and partners. We continuously monitor the situation and measures taken in the countries where we conduct our business, and respond with adapting our way of operation. We cannot deny the fact that the current situation has drastically influenced our lives. Now, more than ever, we are aware of the true meaning of values, like health, safety, freedom, and connectedness. With he latter we will, in my view, overcome this experience as individuals, colleagues, and the society. We remain connected," said Željko Puljić, MSc, CEO at Iskratel. In line with ensuring safety they also postponed the !N WEEK, which was scheduled to take place later this April.

For any questions or inquiries about the measures taken and relations with our customers, suppliers and partners, we are available at