News - Iskratel
28. 6. 2021

The green journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

At Iskratel, we are well aware that everybody must do their part to ensure that our beautiful green planet remains the same green paradise it has been. We believe that we must address challenges such as global warming, excessive energy consumption and unnecessary waste generation together. Our common path forward is outlined in the European Green Deal, EU’s 2050 Long-term Strategy and the EU Code of Conduct on Energy Consumption of Broadband Equipment already.

To keep abreast with the progress, we are taking care that our facilities and our products are compliant with the letter and spirit of directives. As part of our systematic approach to sustainable action, we are making sure that steps we make are tangible and efficient. Specifically, they result in improved power efficiency, longer network lifespan, less truck rolls, less packaging, and less waste.
  • We have implemented and adhere to ISO 14001-certified waste-management program to ensure properly addressing the challenges.
  • Our fibre-access products decrease energy consumption and reduce waste generation. For example, SI3000 Lumia OLTs adjust power consumption to the strictly necessary minimum, switching off SFPs and ports which are not in use.
  • Our Innbox CPE ensures a longer device life span. While home gateways may be replaced frequently, the bridging-mode CPE can remain operational for almost as long as the access-technology lifespan.
  • Our SI3000 Lumia OLTs are future-proof, since they can be deployed as traditional OLTs in existing networks or as physical OLTs in disaggregated, SDN-based networks. This is achievable without hardware replacement and with a mere software upgrade, extending the lifecycle to the maximum.
  • We make sure that the products we are developing are fully compliant with the latest Code of Conduct on Energy Consumption.
  • We have started making packaging and device housing of Innbox CPE truly nature-friendly.