News - Iskratel
1. 10. 2021

Small things make big change

At Iskratel, we recognise that paying attention to detail while keeping up with global market trends is key to customer satisfaction. Therefore, we are attentive to all things regardless of their size, whether they are big towering shapes or of miniature forms.

As small as it is, an SFP device is vital for the operation of an OLT. One will not work without the other, but a wrong match will make the OLT fail to realise its full potential.

Iskratel is always actively updating the portfolio of OLT SFPs, in order to help operators to meet their needs for an extended range, power budget or ambient temperatures. As an example, we provide Class D GPON SFPs, or Class E1 XGS-PON SPFs, or even industrial grade XGS-PON SFPs that operate in extended temperature ranges from −40 °C to +85 °C, relieving operators in Nordic markets from needless stress and worries.

In other cases, we help pave the way forward. At present, we conduct thorough testing of 25Gbps-capable SFPs to ensure that Iskratel is ready for the post-XGS-PON world, whatever it may be like – with SI3000 Lumia C16 Combo PON OLT in one hand, and the corresponding SFP in another.