News - Iskratel
10. 8. 2021

Optimisation of CPE manufacturing

Iskratel turned the supply-chain crisis to an opportunity to improve the manufacturing process.
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14. 7. 2021

Iskratel to introduce powerful fibre optic services at Gigabit Summit 2021

Innovative new products such as the ComboPON OLT are designed for modern fibre-optic networks, and will be showcased at this year’s conference
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30. 6. 2021

Making a major operator ready for 5G

Iskratel implemented a synchronisation solution at a major Slovenian operator.
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28. 6. 2021

The green journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

The steps we make result in improved power efficiency, longer network lifespan, less truck rolls, less packaging, and less waste.
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24. 6. 2021

Iskratel delights employees with superfast internet

Iskratel and the leading Slovenian optical-access provider T-2 offer connection to XGS-PON technology to Iskratel's employees.
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21. 6. 2021

Iskratel secures a major GPON ONT deal

Iskratel continues its series of success stories with fibre-optical broadband access.
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17. 6. 2021

Iskratel closer to French-speaking customers

Improving its presence in Western Europe, Iskratel recognises the strategic importance of French-speaking countries and markets, and introduces a French version of its website.
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14. 6. 2021

Sync verification: Final results are in

Accuracy is key. Nobody wants to be out of time. Clocks showing wrong time are not an option.
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9. 6. 2021

The birth of ComboPON: "It's alive."

In the farthest chambers of Iskratel's R&D department, a real drama took place. Hidden from the eyes of the world, the team of specialists brought Iskratel's next-generation ComboPON OLT to life.
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8. 6. 2021

Iskratel focuses on the German broadband market to deliver FTTH to underserved regions

Iskratel is intensifying its activities in Western Europe and has opened a branch in Munich to deliver its innovative broadband access solutions in Germany.
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