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26. 5. 2020

Iskratel and Telekom Slovenije test their 5G Campus Network which enables the smart factory

The network will leverage the 5G core to provide low latency, high performance and secure connectivity.
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6. 5. 2020

Iskratel to provide ultra-fast internet in 210 municipalities across rural Slovenia and Croatia

As part of the RUNE project, hundreds of thousands of households across the two countries will be able to access Internet speeds of up to 10 Gbit/s.
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23. 4. 2020

Ukrtelecom and Iskratel to connect the rural regions of Ukraine

Iskratel, a leading European ICT provider, together with PJSC Ukrtelecom and SID Bank, have signed an agreement to build a fibre-optic Internet network (GPON) to connect the rural areas of Ukraine.
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13. 3. 2020

Safety first

Our mission is creating new value, providing safety and improving the overall quality of life of our customers, partners and the society. Ensuring safety is crucial as we witness the outbreak of the new corona virus respiratory disease (Covid-19).
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14. 2. 2020

Iskratel increases Telekom Slovenia’s network resilience against cyberattacks

Iskratel has announced it has successfully carried out a security audit test for national telecommunications provider, Telekom Slovenia – enabling the operator to increase its network security and mitigate its risk to cyberattacks ahead of its transition to 5G networks.
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14. 2. 2020

Telekom Slovenije and Iskratel cooperate in the development of 4G/5G hybrid public-private networks, serving the emerging smart industry

Telekom Slovenije, the leading Slovenian provider of the most advanced ICT solutions, and Iskratel, the leading European solution provider for the digital transformation of industries, have launched a cooperation in the development of 5G networking solutions.
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29. 1. 2020

Iskratel’s strategy and creation of 5G ecosystem

At the AmCham round table discussion earlier this week Iskratel's Director of Core Solutions, Mr Damir Opsenica, spoke about Iskratel's active involvement and co-creation of 5G ecosystem together with its partners – where products are jointly developed and sales is delivered through revenue-share models.
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14. 10. 2019

Iskratel successfully deploys Mesh Wi-Fi network for T-2

Iskratel has announced the beginning of a successful upgrade of the Wi-Fi offering for Slovenia’s leading fibre-optical broadband provider T-2. This will enable the operator to deliver seamless, whole-home coverage with wireless gigabit connectivity.
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26. 9. 2019

Iskratel received the Silver National Award for its Innovation

Iskratel received the Silver National Award – awarded by The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia – for recognition of innovation and excellence of Iskratel's "amphibian" SI3000 Lumia GPON OLT, an optical-access product that unites conventional and virtualised worlds on the same platform.
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16. 9. 2019

Internet home gateway manufacturers in a race for technology

The manufacturers which produce home gateways for the operators are forced to innovate in order to survive: 10G fibre, the latest Wi-Fi generation, voice assistants, and so on! It is necessary to maintain product value while some features are disappearing (DVD, storage , etc.).
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