Press Centre - Iskratel
15. 1. 2009

Slovenian president dr.Danilo Turk visits Iskratel

During his stay in the Kranj municipality on 15 January 2009, Dr Danilo Türk, the President of the Republic of Slovenia, paid a visit to Iskratel.
Andrej Polenec, Iskratel’s General Manager, began by acquainting Dr Türk with the company and the challenges related to the building of a technology park in Kranj, emphasizing the role of economic diplomacy and export financing. During the second part of his visit, Dr Türk was shown around the manufacturing facilities of Iskratel Electronics and the offices of the development and service staff members. At the test bed, he was shown working examples of some of Iskratel’s solutions.

Before leaving, Dr Türk took some time to make an official statement to the press, together with Mr Polenec and Damjan Perne, the Mayor of the Kranj municipality.