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3. 2. 2010

The Iskratel PrimeCare+ Solution in Avaya’s new Multimedia Solutions

The solution delivers existing IP technologies into the hospital environment, right to the patient’s bedside.

Kranj, 3rd February 2010 – Iskratel, a leading developer of adapted and highly integrated solutions in the field of communications for rapidly growing convergent networks, and Avaya, a leading global provider of enterprise communications systems, signed an Original Equipment Manufacturer and Reseller Agreement about future cooperation relating to IP multimedia service solutions on 17 October 2009.
Hospitals and clinics are finding that patients are becoming increasingly demanding in terms of entertainment, communication and information services. The Iskratel PrimeCare+ solution opens the path to satisfying their demanding needs. Iskratel’s PrimeCare+ solution is integrated into Avaya’s information solution for patients in hospitals, health spas and rehabilitation centers. This solution enables hospitals and clinics to significantly improve their processes and the quality of service. The multimedia solution combines various applications – such as television, video, patient surveys, gaming, scheduling, shopping in a kiosk, the menu in the hospital restaurant, the internet, a calendar and e-mail – and presents them to the patient directly on an easy-to-use terminal.

This solution not only enables the increase of satisfaction and the comfort of patients, it also provides fast and reliable access to the information about the patient and the patient’s condition, as needed by the medical staff.

From the technological point of view, Iskratel’s solution, provided within the Medial solution, covers the provision of Multimedia content, from the TV and live radio to the Content on Demand (Video, Music, Games, Info portal, etc.). Iskratel’s PrimeCare+ solution ensures the provision of high-quality multimedia content as well as the entire administration and management related to this content: from the assignment of access authorization to individual content and records on access to content, which provides the basis for the invoicing of chargeable content.

“With Iskratel’s PrimeCare+ being integrated into Avaya’s new multimedia solutions, hospitals and clinics can now offer their patients enhanced services and differentiate themselves from the competition. In addition, the solution opens up new revenue streams,” said Hans-Dieter Oepen, head of product management vertical solutions with Avaya Germany.

The new Avaya multimedia solution with Iskratel’s Prime Care+ is available in all German speaking countries from January 2010.