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23. 2. 2010

Iskratel Announces the SI3000 Lumia

The Intelligent Next-Generation Broadband Access Node

Kranj, Slovenia – 24 February 2010 – Iskratel, d.o.o., Kranj, a leading solution and network-equipment provider has upgraded its access-network product portfolio with a newly developed access and aggregation node. The SI3000 Lumia is designed to provide high-capacity broadband fiber, DSL and hybrid (fiber+DSL) subscriber access. It is dedicated to two types of network-access deployments: FTTH and FTTx with VDSL2. The SI3000 Lumia will be officially launched at the FTTH Council 2010 in Lisbon.
Iskratel’s SI3000 Lumia is packed with intelligent networking features and thus represents the next evolutionary step in subscriber access and aggregation. Because of mass market deployments of FTTH and FTTx, access-network capacities have advanced greatly during the past decade. The SI3000 Lumia is setting the high speed 100 Mb/s access as a standard in subscriber connectivity. It acts as a powerful tool for delivering highly demanding services such as Video on Demand, online gaming, IPTV, Video conferencing, web-based video distribution etc.

In comparison with similar available access products, the SI3000 Lumia offers the clear advantage of supporting the Intelligent Service Access (ISA) architecture. Every access node in the ISA architecture is service-flow aware and capable of responding to real-time service traffic demands.

Using this alternative access-network deployment architecture, the operator avoids the need to install expensive BRAS equipment in numerous network scenarios. ISA simplifies access and aggregation network and enables real-time service provisioning. Access infrastructure OPEX and TCO are in consequence drastically reduced.

“Iskratel’s new SI3000 Lumia platform provides operators with a compelling new solution which not only supports the latest generation of fixed access interfaces such as VDSL2 and active Ethernet FTTH, but also incorporates Intelligent Service Architecture-based subscriber management capabilities that enable operators both to deliver and provision advanced, high-margin services such as broadcast-quality IPTV, VoD and gaming from a single network node,” said Erik M. Keith, Principal Analyst for Fixed Access Infrastructure at Current Analysis.

The SI3000 Lumia acts as an enabler for the wholesale and open access business models. Open access has for a long time been desired by users and is becoming widely requested by governments in the EU and many other countries. From the operators’ point of view the SI3000 Lumia turns the last-mile access infrastructure into a profitable asset that can be offered on the open market.

“The SI3000 Lumia is a key part of Iskratel’s EdgeSynergy holistic approach to access-network solutions. It is the answer to modern access-networking demands, bringing together distributed intelligence, high-capacity subscriber connections and the support for open access regulatory demands. Therefore, it guarantees a profitable and hassle-free provisioning of high-performance broadband access services. The SI3000 Lumia is an optimal building block for the further global growth of the FTTH and FTTx access networks,” said Jernej Roblek, product line manager for access networks at Iskratel.