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23. 2. 2010

EdgeSynergy – Iskratel’s holistic access-networking approach

Delivering Synergy to the Access Network

Kranj, 23 February 2010 - With EdgeSynergy ® Iskratel provides a wide portfolio of end-to-end network access solutions that enable synergy between network operator business challenges, innovative applications and end-user needs. Iskratel is launching its EdgeSynergy ® at the “FTTH Council Europe 2010” in Lisbon, Portugal.
EdgeSynergy ® brings the provider and the end-user of communication services to the foreground, since both sides are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of the synergy of telecommunications and internet services. The previously distinct boundary between vertically integrated telecom services and Web 2.0 applications is giving way to converged networks and services. The main driver for next-generation communication services is top-quality, unified services that are delivered to multiple end-user devices.

EdgeSynergy ® provides the answers to evolving service delivery challenges in broadband networks. It opens up new opportunities for operators, service providers and investors in a next-generation access network infrastructure.
The key points of Iskratel's EdgeSynergy ® holistic approach are:
  • Complete solutions for various FTTx and next-generation access deployments.
  • Open broadband network to support many application and service providers according to network operators' business models.
  • Innovative network architecture ISA (Intelligent Service Access) capable of responding to real-time service traffic demands for each user individually while keeping total cost of ownership (TCO) low.
EdgeSynergy ® consists of products for all segments of operator next-generation access network including the edge, aggregation, access and customer premises equipment, enabling the transition to new architectures and the implementation of new concepts. Specifically, the ISA network architecture is an industry innovation, and is now available for commercial deployment.

The ISA (Intelligent Service Access) network architecture incorporates intelligence into the access nodes. Every access node in the ISA architecture is service-flow aware. The operator therefore avoids the need to install expensive edge devices (i.e., BRAS routers) in numerous network scenarios. ISA brings the unique abillity to provision QoS and security parameters for each user at the access port, and simplifies the access, aggregation and edge network while enabling real-time service provisioning. As a result, the network infrastructure OPEX and TCO are drastically reduced. The ISA architecture is a key differentiator for innovative network operators and service providers when deploying next-generation access networks.

The SI3000 Lumia is the first access node in the industry to support the ISA network architecture. It is designed to provide high-capacity FTTH, DSL and hybrid (FTTH + DSL) subscriber access.

Innbox – Iskratel’s trademarked CPE portfolio is composed of a range of Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) and terminals designed to allow the creation of multi-play service bundles for the broadband-connected home, covering a variety of business models and access technologies.

With EdgeSynergy ® Iskratel provides solutions that are the result of more than 60 years of experience in the area of telecommunications.