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7. 5. 2010

Evolution of the Iskratel SI3000 MSAN

New blades, enhanced performance and networking support

Kranj, Slovenia – 7 May 2010 – Iskratel, d.o.o., Kranj, a leading solution and network-equipment provider for broadband connectivity and converged communications is the developer of the well-known and field-proven, multi-service access node, the SI3000 MSAN. There are two aspects to the latest access node’s upgrades: significantly improved access node capabilities and added support for the ISA™ (Intelligent Service Access) architecture.
With its latest improvements, the Iskratel SI3000 MSAN addresses the mass deployments of FTTx access networks, increasingly demanding service delivery, new operators’ business models and the need for higher capacities in DSL-based and FTTH access networks.

The SI3000 MSAN is currently one of the leading and most widely deployed multi-service access platforms in the emerging markets. During the past five years, the total number of deployed SI3000 MSAN ports has exceeded 2 million in international markets, including Russia, Ukraine, and various Central- and Eastern European countries, among others.

Current trends in access networking require a reduction of the total cost of ownership (TCO) for FTTH/FTTx networks, enhanced network security, quality of service policy and more efficient customer self-provisioning. The SI3000 MSAN represents an answer to these requests with its newly developed 10 G Ethernet Switch and subscriber blades. The new version of the SI3000 MSAN is equipped with the following new blades:

  • a double-density 24-port fiber blade
  • a 32-port VDSL2 blade
  • a 64-port ADSL2+ blade
The blades with a larger number of ports increase the port density per shelf and, consequently, reduce the TCO. The latest DSL advances are also incorporated. In addition to the improved blade capabilities, the new version of the SI3000 MSAN enables the deployment of the ISA™ architecture, which incorporates centralized subscriber provisioning and promotes high scalability with decentralized service and quality assurance. The complexity of the core network is reduced as a result of the increased access network intelligence.

"To build an access network segment with the SI3000 MSAN means to prepare the access for the most demanding broadband service offers, with no disruption for the legacy subscribers. Furthermore, possible future upgrades only represent an incremental investment cost for operators, and network evolution with the SI3000 MSAN means an actual technological leap," said Jasmin Kukavica, Executive Sales Director at Iskratel.

A great advantage of the SI3000 MSAN is the included, latest technological developments of the SI3000 Lumia, Iskratel’s newly developed, high-end access and aggregation node. The advanced design of the SI3000 MSAN ensures future-proof, network-access investments and guarantees the operator’s technological leadership.