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11. 5. 2010

Innbox - Iskratel 's World in a Box

Kranj, Slovenia – 12 May 2010 – Iskratel, d.o.o., Kranj, is a leading solution and network-equipment provider for broadband connectivity and converged communications. At the Svjaz Expocomm fair, taking place from 11 to 14 May in Moscow, Iskratel will be introducing the Innbox – a new Iskratel CPE trademark that covers a wide range of Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) and terminals designed to allow the creation of multi-play service bundles for the broadband connected home. Innbox covers a variety of business models and technologies.
Iskratel’s embedded technology enables a powerful, industry-leading performance for its CPE products, which are now combined under the Innbox trademark. This continuously evolving range of devices with multimedia capabilities effectively interacts with global content networks and solutions.

When designing the Trade Mark of Innbox products, innovative industrial design trends, user-friendliness and ecological responsibility were all considered.

"With Iskratel’s Innbox, CPE operators obtain a customization of network and software features and a very high network performance. Innbox is completely remote manageable and controlled over the TR-069 standard. The installation and maintenance are seamless, and, I have to stress that our Inbox is GREEN by default" says Mitja Golja, Head of the CPE Department. "What makes us different are the customized features and management options, which means that we use the best adaptations for lowering OPEX and on-demand feature implementation and modifications. The housing of Innbox has the same look and feel of design, and you get the same service, regardless of the broadband technology", he added.

Iskratel’s Innbox Home Gateways CPE product family allows Service Providers to deliver an ever-increasing variety of broadband applications to end users, through the widest choice of fixed and wireless access technologies. Innbox HGW ensures the full set of connectivity features and advanced features that can be customized and adapted to specific needs.

Innbox MediaCenter represents a new generation of multimedia experience, by supporting a variety of TV distribution platforms, such as IPTV and internet TV, and integrating the facility for personal multimedia entertainment. Innbox MediaCenter products provide our customers with a cost-effective way to deliver a sophisticated, interactive digital television service, such as multicast streaming, video on demand, etc.

The Innbox Phone family offers a selection of wired, analog and IP telephony products that allow the creation of one-stop-shop package bundles for small businesses.

Innbox Network Termination and Extension product devices include Ethernet networking, i.e., an optical or electrical conversion to help minimize technology obsolescence. Devices also allow their management via an extension of standard Ethernet operations, administration and maintenance protocols, without the need for an IP address.

Innbox Software Clients are carrier-grade, next-generation clients that make it possible to manage communications easily and efficiently – all from the computer desktop. In the case of replacing or complementing a hard phone, the softphone allows us to make VoIP and Video calls over IP, see when contacts are available, send Instant Messages and transfer files with ease and efficiency.

With its Innbox products Iskratel has made an even more decisive step into the ever more demanding CPE market. That this is the right decision has been confirmed by many international recognitions and awards granted to products belonging to this family.