Press Centre - Iskratel
24. 5. 2010

Iskratel and ZAO IskraUralTEL signed a Memorandum of Cooperation

On 8 May 2010, on the occasion of the 42nd session of the Heads of Administration Board of the Regional Communications Association (RSS), Iskratel and ZAO IskraUralTEL signed a Memorandum of Cooperation.
The signing of the document was witnessed by the Minister for Communications and Informatization of the Russian Federation, Mr. I. O. Schegolev, and the Minister of Higher Education, Science and Technology of the Republic of Slovenia, Mr. Gregor Golobič. For the company Iskratel, the document was signed by the General Manager, Mr. A. Polenec, and for ZAO IskraUralTEL, by the General Manager, Mr. V. V. Davidov. The Memorandum of Cooperation underlines and enhances the intentions of both companies to develop a multilateral cooperation for the introduction of new technologies. With regard to the current development trends of telecommunications in the Russian Federation, both sides have expressed their intentions to transfer the production of the latest telecommunications technologies to ZAO IskraUralTEL. The document covers all the areas of the cooperation of the companies and envisages the transfer of the technologies and technological documentation necessary for the organization of the production in the Russian Federation, the transfer of the intellectual property rights for SW and the increase of the percentage of Russian components in the finished products. The Russian side had expressed the need for the specialized education of their experts with regard to modern business operations, SW development, provision of the system integration services and the development of an expert training system for the staff in the telecommunications industry.

The words of the Minister for Communications, and Informatization, Mr. Igor Schegolev showed that the document was necessary and signed at the right time. In his speech at the RSS he stressed the importance of the document for the development of Russian-Slovenian cooperation and the implementation of the decisions of the President and the Russian Federation Government regarding the support of the domestic manufacturing of telecommunications equipment.

The Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, S. B. Ivanov, who was also present at the RSS, touched, in his welcome speech, on the ”monopolism in the market for telecommunications equipment“. He said ”Big corporations have gained firm positions in the market and they now command the development of domestic products. Therefore, I think that the support of our manufacturers, the development of firm connections between them, and the creation of favorable conditions for the sale of their products in the RSS countries enjoys good prospects“.