Press Centre - Iskratel
8. 7. 2010

Corporate solutions from now on in Iskratel

Kranj, 7 July 2010 – From 15 July 2010 the business activity of corporate solutions of the Iskrateling company will continue within the parent company Iskratel.
Years of tradition, dedication to the development of products and solutions, and setting up its own sales network worldwide have made Iskratel a strong international company that successfully adapts to new circumstances in the market for telecommunications, while keeping pace with new technologies and customers' needs. In order to be able to satisfy customer requirements, and remain flexible and successful during the global crisis, the companies of the Iskratel Group have to find different ways to adapt to the new circumstances.

"Solutions for business users are becoming increasingly complex, business services offered by operators and corporate-solution vendors are growing, so our decision to join the business activity in the Iskratel company is logical, as well as being essential for business reasons. Only in this way will we be able to satisfy enhanced customer requirements and keep pace with the ever stiffer competition. During previous years, the solutions for business users were sold by the Iskrateling company within the Iskratel Group. However, we have become aware that in this way we were not able to utilize all the synergies, both in creating new solutions and being visible in the market," said Andrej Polenec, CEO.

The story of Iskrateling began in April 1989 with the establishment of the Iskra inženiring company, and continued in September 1991, when the company acquired a new name, Teling, and in September 1997, when it was renamed as Iskrateling. From now on, the business activity of corporate solutions will be organized within the Iskratel company, and will be managed by Mr. Darko Pretnar. This change will not affect operations, since the business activity that has so far been carried out by the Iskrateling company will be transferred to the parent company Iskratel in its entirety. It is believed that this will strengthen the position of the Iskratel Group in the market.