Press Centre - Iskratel
5. 10. 2010

Iskratel patents two hi-tech solutions in the field of telecommunications equipment and services

Kranj, 30 Sept. 2010 – Being aware that patents are the drivers of economic development and the basis for the promotion of entrepreneurship, Iskratel, a Kranj-based hi-tech company, remains one of the top cutting-edge companies. At the Slovenian Intellectual Property Office, two solutions were protected by patents: the process of implementing multi-provider, multicast membership, and a circuit for the selective management of DSL and fiber-blade power supply (selective power-off).
The patented process of the implementation of multi-provider, multicast membership enables the simplified transfer of video content to users via the Internet Protocol in open broadband networks. Open access provides a new perspective of the network and services, since the requirement for the equality of providers provides a larger selection of content and possibly a lower price of services for the user. The technical problem solved by this innovation is the separation of multimedia content by service providers in the open-access network, and a fast migration in the multi-provider environment using existing equipment. This innovation will enable users to select the content of different multimedia-content providers.

The patent is only the ‘icing on the cake’ for all the efforts put into the product and solution improvements, and denotes a strong motivation for our future work. We are well aware that only constant innovations and the joint realization of smart ideas based on knowledge and expertise will bring us to the level of the best in the world. A top achievement requires a lot of ingenuity, inventiveness, persistence and experimentation, but also some luck and argumentation, which is never a problem in a stimulating environment”, says Simon Čimžar, the author of the patent.

The circuit for selective power-supply management is an innovative and cost-effective way of providing the access node supply and thus the operation of voice services in the case of a power cut in the node area. A DSL or optical port under full load uses three to five times more power. This circuit enables the power-off of the DSL and optical ports, while the operation of the analog and ISDN ports continues. This is especially important in cases of natural disasters and major power cuts in a region where the immediate and continuous accessibility of all support services is of utmost importance for the inhabitants. In addition, the patent reduces the operational and capital expenditures of the operator, while increasing power-supply autonomy by three times with the same battery capacity.

“The Internet-access boom brought about the development of new devices that, apart from the ease of their universal connectivity, require much more power for their operation. Although we live in a time of abundance and think that resources are inexhaustible, we might soon be faced with the fact that this is no longer the case. The awareness of connectivity will give us a feeling of safety. This is particularly true in the case of power cuts. At Iskratel we follow this problem from the very beginning and respond to the challenges by always having new, innovative solutions that successfully meet these requirements”, says Boris Jurkovič, one of the authors of the patent, together with Marko Mišmaš and Andrej Kržišnik.

Iskratel has proved that the company appreciates ingenuity, is well aware of the importance of patents, and invests intensively into knowledge, research and development. With continuous education and training, and high responsiveness the company will be able to keep pace with the changes in the telecommunications market.