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22. 10. 2010

SI3000 Lumia at BBWF 2010 in Paris

Next-Generation Access in Action

Kranj, Slovenia – 21 October 2010 – Iskratel, d.o.o., Kranj, a leading solution and network-equipment provider will display the latest SI3000 Lumia developments at the Broadband World Forum 2010 in Paris. The next-generation access node has proved itself to be an optimal building block for high-performance FTTH and FTTx access solutions.
Since the product launch earlier this year in Lisbon, the SI3000 Lumia has seen several FTTH and VDSL2 access-solution deployments and trials in Western European and CIS countries. Iskratel’s flagship access node provides high-capacity broadband fiber, DSL and hybrid (fiber+DSL) subscriber access. It supports the deployment of intelligent access networks and an open-access infrastructure.

More about the SI3000 Lumia’s benefits and specifics will be presented at BBWF 2010 by Mr. Željko Puljić, MSc, Iskratel CTO. “We are glad that our estimations regarding operators’ needs were correct. The SI3000 Lumia is perceived as the optimal answer to the recent changes in access networking. The intelligent access and open approach are a winning combination when seeking a profitable access infrastructure today,” said Mr. Puljić.

The SI3000 Lumia is unique in the field of high-end access nodes. It is designed to be the central element of Iskratel’s Intelligent Service Access (ISA) architecture. The ISA architecture promotes service-flow aware access nodes that are capable of responding to real-time service traffic demands. The SI3000 Lumia provides an answer to the current demands for new business opportunities. It offers operators a chance to enter the world of Telco 2.0, OTT and Telco synergy business models.

The ISA architecture is the network operator’s key to lower CAPEX and TCO and, consequently, to a better position in the highly competitive Telco market. The reduction in costs with deployed SI3000 Lumia access nodes results from the optimized aggregation and an L2 service edge.

The SI3000 Lumia represents the next step in subscriber access and aggregation. Because of mass-market deployments of FTTH and FTTx, access-network capacities have advanced greatly during the past decade. The SI3000 Lumia is setting the high-speed 100 Mb/s access as a standard in subscriber connectivity. The node is optimal for highly demanding service delivery that consists of Video on Demand, online gaming, IPTV, Video conferencing, web-based video distribution, etc.

The SI3000 Lumia acts as an enabler for wholesale and open-access business models. Open access has for a long time been expected by users and is becoming widely requested by governments in the EU and many other countries.