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10. 5. 2011

Experience the power of convergence brought by Iskratel IMS solution

Moscow, Sviaz Expo Comm, 10 – 13 May 2011, 9:00 am – Iskratel, d.o.o, a leading systems and solution provider, today announced partnerships with Acme Packet and Bridgewater Systems for their roles in Iskratel’s end-to-end IMS solution. The optimal solution with best of breed companies gives mobile, converged and fixed service providers the possibility of delivering multimedia services on a single multimedia control platform. Focusing on the latest IMS standards, following new business models and enabling a marketplace of app innovations in the turbulent telecommunication space requires a broad partner ecosystem to achieve wider spectrum of promising IMS potentials.
An emerging trend is for fixed and mobile networks to converge their infrastructure to support existing voice applications and combine voice, data and multimedia content into Rich Communication Suite (RCS). While mobile networks still carry more voice than data traffic, broadband access for mobile devices is evolving, and this evolution will encourage more data applications on mobile networks. For mobile as for fixed networks, policy and quality control solutions that manage Over-The-Top services will play an important role in closing the gap between the data traffic growth and corresponding revenues.When IMS was introduced most network architects considered that each new function required its own hardware and software to support the architecture. This approach was not sustainable when all business variables were considered. The key to an agile infrastructure investment for service-based deployment is to develop a comprehensive architecture deployed on a flexible infrastructure.

Many service providers are still focused on interoperability issues between different vendors regardless of the fact that IMS is highly standardized. On the other hand, there is a concern about “locking in” with one vendor who may offer a limited evolution approach for introducing manageable emerging services, a serious drawback for any future-oriented service provider.

Iskratel, as an IMS solution provider has considered these challenges in developing its solution. Iskratel has simplified the complex network architecture by providing multiple functions on a single network element. In addition, Iskratel has built an end-to-end pre-integrated open IMS solution, which integrates Iskratel’s IMS products with elements from Iskratel partners Acme Packet and Bridgewater Systems.Iskratel’s IMS solution consists of Iskratel compact IMS product, including x-CSCF, F-AGCF, M-AGCF, MGCF, BGCF and IWF while Acme Packet integrates into Iskratel’s IMS solution through the IBCF/I-BGW and P-CSCF/A-BGF functions supported on its Net-Net session border controllers. To complete Iskratel’s IMS solution, the Bridgewater Home Subscriber Server (HSS) and Policy Controller (PCRF) functions manage access to IMS services, and control network resource usage in real time.

Iskratel, with the support of Acme Packet and Bridgewater Systems, offers a fully-integrated and open IMS solution that leverages the companies’ respective portfolios, to address the challenges faced by operators. These top-quality and proven products, pre-integrated in this end-to-end solution, are guaranteed through the long tradition of the companies, their focus on local market presence, rich experience, and commitment to ongoing innovations.

“Bridgewater is pleased to partner with Iskratel to deliver an end-to-end IMS solution for service providers in this exciting market. Our independent broadband control functions, such as HSS and PCRF, offer extensive interoperability with multiple vendor equipment types thereby providing integration assurance and a time to market advantage for Iskratel’s customers”, commented David Sharpley, Senior Vice President, Bridgewater Systems.

"Acme Packet is the leader in providing solutions to secure and control IP communications sessions at access and interconnect borders. Our products play a number of important roles in IMS networks, allowing service providers to scale their networks dynamically to address new service requirements" said Mr. Mark Vella, vice president of business development for Acme Packet. "We are pleased to partner with Iskratel to further the interoperability of our products, which together deliver open, dynamic and unified multimedia services with full policy control, regardless of access network type."

"Iskratel is one of the leaders in defining future network architecture concepts where IMS core and IMS edge are one of the puzzles. Opening the network for the 3rd party service and app providers and enabling intelligence on the access side is the winning combination in competitive environment in all ICT segments" said Mr. Željko Puljić, Chief Technology Officer at Iskratel.