Press Centre - Iskratel
2. 12. 2011

Željko Puljić, Chief Technology Officer of the Iskratel Group, is appointed a member of the ETSI Board

Kranj, 30 December 2011 – At the recently held 58th General Assembly of the ETSI standardization organization, Željko Puljić, the Chief Technology Officer of the Iskratel Group, was appointed to the 28-member Board as a representative of the telecommunications equipment vendors until the end of 2014.
ETSI (European Telecommunications Standard Institute) is a non-profit organization in the European Union that is responsible for the drawing up of standards and recommendations in the field of telecommunications technology, which serve as guidelines for telecommunications services and information technologies of the future. The active participation of Iskratel's CTO in such an organization is therefore of utmost importance.

The tasks of the ETSI Board are directing the program activity of this standardization organization, concern for the interests and the inclusion of the members, approval of work programs, taking decisions with reference to the technical committees' staff, and responsibility for the optimal operation of the organization during periods between ETSI's General Assembly meetings.

This appointment is recognition of Puljić's current professional work and a big challenge for the future. Moreover, it is an acknowledgment and an opportunity for Iskratel and Slovenia to exercise a constructive influence on the further development of telecommunications at the highest standardization level. Europe, and Slovenia as well, have been facing major challenges in the development of telecommunications, which will have a major impact on the quality of life in the future.