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31. 1. 2012

Iskratel marks first access equipment sale in the Ecuador and the Andean region

Kranj, Slovenia, January 31, 2012 – Iskratel, the world leader in telecommunication equipment and solutions, is pleased to announce its first sale of next-gen access equipment in the Ecuador and the Andean region.
Order of one thousand VDSL2 ports came from Ecuador’s alternative operator Trans-telco, who started enhancing its existing ADSL 2+ infrastructure. The order consists of supply, installation and commissioning of VDSL 2 ports of SI3000 Lumia Access Node system. A service & training agreement is also signed, and will be realized at the operator’s headquarters in Quito. The initial port ordezr was shipped, and installations on the field will complete in January of this year.

“We have partnered up with Iskratel because of their leadership in the access network technology and our belief that they have the necessary technology, experience, reliability and overall strength that it takes to develop a new generation access in Ecuador,” said Luis Antonio Terán, CEO of Trans-telco. “With Iskratel as a partner, we are confident of our fast growth, and for March 2012 we are announcing second order of 1000 ports. Iskratel’s SI3000 Lumia VDSL2 equipment allows us extremely fast infrastructure deployment that facilitates our aggressive growth target. We are satisfied with Iskratel SI3000 Lumia’s unique customizations that were tailored to our needs.”

Trans-telco is currently connecting over 12000 users, of home and small business. Trans-telco is very competitive and has grown its user base by 50% in 2011. Trans-telco is raising the user expectation bar by exceeding 48-hour new user set up time and all their users have unique satisfaction guarantee.

Although initial order port quantity is symbolic when compared to Iskratel’s average orders, Iskratel SI3000 Lumia’s versatile technology allowed for fast additional customization as per customer’s requirements.

Iskratel’s capabilities to deliver on small and big orders, and treating even startup and alternative customers with seriousness and commitment, proves Iskratel’s agility, that goes hand in hand with current global economic state. This agility is enabled by Iskratel’s unique carrier-class technology that is adaptable and scalable as no other. VDSL2 ports delivered to customer are in form of blades that can work as a standalone units, independently of central management blade. Identical VDSL2 blades can be purchased on stock and used on various locations – from very small locations, within 1U single slot shelves - to big locations, within chassis with up to 20 slots. This gives operator great advantage, especial like in case of Trans-telco, where about half of locations are appropriate for “1U size” and half of them require “3 blades size”.

“It is a pleasure to announce that our next-gen access technology is now available on yet another market and region,” says Željko Puljič, CTO of Iskratel. “Ecuador is an excellent example where smartly engineered technology resulting in lower opex shows benefits when compared to competitive solutions that offer only small one time CAPEX difference. Iskratel is very satisfied to have found in Transt-telco an excellent customer, focusing as well as on residential also on business segment of the market, and to be part of the development of Ecuador’s overall telecommunication infrastructure.”.

Secondly, with this sale of next-gen access equipment in Ecuador, Iskratel reached a milestone regarding geographic coverage of its next-gen access equipment, by penetration in the Andean region of Latin America…. Presence of Iskratel's sales team was historically stronger on eastern territories (especially Russian Federation and CIS states), and first next-gen access equipment order on the new market, within a year of Iskratel’s entrance to the Andean region, is a significant success.

Iskratel’s advanced and proven technology played a vital role in winning a new customer. Iskratel is uniquely positioned to provide products, services and solutions to widest range of customers, from small alternative operators, to enterprise corporations and national telecoms.