Press Centre - Iskratel
24. 10. 2012

Iskratel with the most imaginative campain at Broadband World Forum 2012

Broadband World Forum 2012 is the world’s largest Broadband event attracting thousands of decision-makers from across the globe. Now celebrating its 12th anniversary year, the event is the only place to meet the entire broadband industry in one place at one time. This year the largest broadband event took place in Amsterdam.
Iskratel, one of world leading telecommunication vendors, and probably the best EU-based next generation broadband and E2E communication solution provider presented its new products and solutions.

Iskratel presented new additions to well accepted and worldwide deployed universal optical access product line SI3000 Lumia. This years’ innovative additions to the platform make it even more competitive and suitable for covering both, business and residential areas, and proving that it does perfectly blend into every environment. In adittion, Iskratel launched new bonding and vectoring enabled VDSL2 blade with industry leading VDSL2 port-density.

This year Iskratel introduced a small outdoor unit ODU XS – outdoor cabinet, that enables rural broadband access that will close the gap on the 2nd part of EU digital agenda – 30Mb/s to 100% of population until 2020. All weather resistant with preintegrated VDSL2 DSLAM, power supply and distribution frame makes a perfect solution for extreme rural environments! Its remote power and passive cooling guarantee silent, maintenance-free operation.

Iskratel’s CPE business unit, Innbox, presented new award-winning products with emphasis on FTTH (P2P/GPON) and VDSL residential and business gateways.