Press Centre - Iskratel
29. 11. 2012

Minister Nikiforov and Minister Erjavec visit Iskratel

Kranj, 27 November 2012 - On Tuesday, 27 November 2012, when the ninth session of the Intergovernmental Commission for Trade, Economic, Scientific and Technical Cooperation between the Republic of Slovenia and the Russian Federation was held at Brdo, the Kranj-based telecommunications company Iskratel was visited by the Minister of Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation, Nikolai Nikiforov, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia, Karl Erjavec.Minister Nikiforov's decision to visit Iskratel did not come as a surprise as the Russian Federation is the company’s largest export market. The Iskratel Group Companies generate 87% of their revenues from exports, with the Russian market providing the largest share.
During the first part of the visit, representatives of the company presented to Minister Nikiforov and Minister Erjavec the strategy and technological achievements of the Iskratel Group; they highlighted the operations and ongoing projects in the Russian Federation and the region, emphasizing the operations of the subsidiary company IskraUralTel based in Yekaterinburg. The ministers were also made aware of the Development Centre for Information and Communications Technologies (RC IKT), which operates as a business technology and development incubator, whose strategic goal is to build and create a stimulating business-development environment.

During the second part of the visit to Iskratel, the ministers were shown the latest info-communication products and solutions based on optical and broadband technology, which can be used in the construction and upgrading of telecommunications networks. During the presentation at Iskratel, they underlined the fact that their system of network upgrades ensures investment security, since the transition also enables the use, and the smooth interaction of, new technologies (IMS, 4G/LTE).

In a special demonstration area of the company, they devoted the most time to a presentation of solutions for "112" emergency calls and the system of mass communication. Iskratel is jointly manufacturing and developing these solutions with the subsidiary company IskraUralTel. The knowledge acquired there, from the field of telecommunications, is upgraded with info-communication content in various corporate verticals. In this segment Iskratel demonstrated innovative solutions for the modernization of telecommunications in rail networks.

“The talks were held in the direction of consolidating the position of Iskratel on the Russian telecommunications market and in the region. Our purpose is to strengthen and expand operations in the Russian Federation, where we are also planning stable growth in the following year. Successful business operations in the Russian Federation are provided by quality, reliability, competitiveness and the advancement of our solutions, well-trained personnel, local production in Yekaterinburg, and above all, business perseverance. It is well known that Russia is an extremely challenging telecommunications market, where we are faced with most international rivals and are successful in these battles of competitiveness” said the General Manager Željko Puljić.