Press Centre - Iskratel
14. 5. 2013

Iskratel Rejuvenises and Miniaturizes telephony switching with All-in-One Compact Call Server - SI3000 cCS

Moscow, Russia - 14. May - Iskratel, leading solution provider for smooth transition to the future communication networks, today at Sviaz Expocomm in Moscow revealed a SI3000 cCS Compact Call Server for business, specialized and distributed telco networks.
Economic uncertainty in telecommunication sector increased the pressure on lowering investments and operational costs, which often result in lower quality of telephony services. Iskratel SI3000 Compact Call Server cCS represents a high-quality, stable, IP based platform for medium, large and enterprise environments and distributed telco networks and can also serve as a specialized communications platform for Transportation (i.e. Railways), Energy and Government (i.e. Public Safety) segments.

SI3000 cCS decreases TCO with the possibility of keeping the existing terminal equipment, upgrades employees’ productivity and makes communication easier and feature rich. SI3000 cCS is a flexible multiservice communication platform for different numbers of subscribers, offering a variety of interfaces both in IP and in the analogue world. SI3000 cCS goes beyond standard feature list, with a wide range of advanced features like signalling, regulatory functions (SORM), integrated services, transcoding and voice/video features…

Due to broad legacy support SI3000 cCS easily integrates into any existing environment and enriches communications capabilities. The newest secure Voice over IP communication support and mobility support for remote workers raises productivity at any company and noticeably boosts accessibility for customers.

Future-proof investment of SI3000 cCS is guaranteed in design, as its scalable platform and robust dedicated hardware, combined with centralized or distributed architecture, can grow with your needs.