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21. 10. 2013

Iskratel launching board and system-level VDSL2 vectoring

Amsterdam, 21.10.2013 - At Broadband World Forum 2013, Iskratel is officially announcing Board and System-Level VDSL2 Vectoring solutions built on SI3000 Lumia multi-service access node, supporting up to 256 vectorized pairs per group, and 512 pairs per chassis.

Telecoms and ISPs are very keen on prolonging the life of their copper-networks, which is stimulated due to shrinking budgets for investments into fibre on one hand and pressure from regulatory agencies to raise overall broadband speeds on another.

VDSL2 vectoring will play a significant part in Europe's near future, as the EU Digital Agenda 2020 calls for minimum connectivity speeds of 30Mbps for all and at least 50% of subscribers to have broadband speeds of above 100Mbps (and 30% in as early as 2015). To reach these goals, VDSL2 vectoring is the only alternative to new fibre deployments, and Iskratel’s competitive per port pricing which will be in line with previous generation of VDSL2, shows understanding of ISP’s financial situation.

Iskratel believes that only combination of board-level and system-level is the right approach to VDSL2 vectoring. Board-level vectoring is nice solution for small outdoor cabinets on remote areas and FTTB application but not adequate for higher copper-pairs cables commonly found in urban and suburban areas. Iskratel’s system-level VDSL2 vectoring solution consists of already available components: vectoring-ready chassis (providing vectoring backplane), vectoring-ready 64-ports VDSL2 subscriber blade (which started shipping to customers in Q1/2013) and vectoring-ready Innbox VDSL2 CPE devices (available since 2012).

Today Iskratel is announcing board level vectoring in 48-port compact outdoor cabinet ODU-XS as well as the last piece of the system-level VDSL2 vectoring puzzle that will complete the FTTC solution: Iskratel’s vectoring engine blade for SI3000 Lumia. Vectoring engine will provide vectoring for up to 256-copper pairs concurrently (consisting of four 64-port subscriber VDSL2 blades), featuring also a high level of VDSL2-vectoring interoperability with different CPEs. Iskratel is able to stack two such vectoring bundles into single SI3000 Lumia, offering cross-talk cancellation up to 512-copper pairs from single chassis.

Available early in Q1 2014, Iskratel’s system level vectoring blade will allow customers of existing Iskratel VDSL2-vectoring ready subscriber blades to easily and affordably enable the vectorized experience, cutting out cross talk interference among the VDSL2 lines in a cable bundle, and substantially deliver consistent high speeds to every subscriber in a neighborhood.

Additionally ISPs will be able to gain edge and lower CAPEX with universal, future-proof SI3000 Lumia fabric, which allows concurrent use of many access technologies, including fibre subscriber boards and legacy connections such as ADSL, ISDN and POTS, etc.  from single chassis.