Press Centre - Iskratel
22. 10. 2013

Iskratel showcases one of industry's first SDN applications

Amsterdam, 22.10.2013 - Iskratel fortifies its position within the SDN segment with world’s first SDN application capable of dynamic per-session services provisioning for residential and business subscribers, and a network connection provisioning for mobile networks.

Iskratel is the first solution provider to implement and deploy a Software-Defined Network (SDN) application. Iskratel ISA (Intelligent Service Access) architecture, a concept of network intelligence, distributed access and aggregation nodes, with a centralized management system reduces service edge complexity, at the same time enabling extreme scalability.

ISA is already well-known to Iskratel’s existing customer base. As Iskratel had already announced ISA in 2010, conducted first pilots in 2012 and first commercial deployments in 2013, ISA confirms Iskratel’s commitment to following and actively forming the newest trends and participating in shaping the future of InfoCommunications. As the rest of the industry is formalizing SDN on a conceptual level, our customers see that Iskratel is years ahead of the industry, as ISA is a mature and field-proven application. ISA is already available to Iskratel’s customers, and is a perfect initial step into the world of SDN.

The concept of software defined networks is gaining popularity and is being recognized as a strong candidate for optimal network architecture regarding the future. Iskratel’s ISA uses a flow- based control and follows SDN architecture with its main components being the SI3000 Lumia flagship multi-service access node, and the SI3000 Indigo service-awareness multi-layer aggregation switch. ISA architecture provides RADIUS interface between network elements and a centralized management system that serves as an SDN controller. Open north- and southbound interfaces enable easy integration with OSS/BSS systems.

Iskratel believes that with ISA operators will find themselves on a safe and secure path towards fully SDN-enabled service-delivery networks.