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11. 2. 2015

Iskratel reveals a secret on how to achieve a one-year ROI when deploying fibre, and proves it with a customer case study

Warsaw, 11th Feb 2015 – Iskratel’s strong portfolio of FTTC solutions can facilitate record-breaking ROI, previously unseen in the world of fibre. Several operators deploying Iskratel FTTB/C indoor or outdoor cabinets have reported very short ROI.

Iskratel is a pioneer in developing new, financially sustainable broadband solutions which allow operators to continue infrastructure investments even outside of profitable areas. Iskratel has a broad portfolio of FTTC and FTTdp solutions, covering the whole range and starting with as low as 8, 48, 64 or 128 VDSL2 ports.

Iskratel’s customer, Rostelekom, is very proud of the ongoing optimization process and achieved levels of operational expenses, which are the result of the deployment of a record number of Iskratel FTTC street cabinets in 2014. The optimization strategy put into action by Rostelekom’s “Fibre to the village” solution has enabled the Rostelekom MRF Centre to double its number of subscriber lines.

“Iskratel’s solution is enabling us to reach return on investment in less than 12 months,” says Yuriy Vitalevich Ushakov, Director of Communications Networks Development at Rostelekom MRF Centre. He goes on to elaborate: “The cost of each newly-deployed street cabinet is less than the annual maintenance cost of the CO location that it substituted.” Rostelekom has managed to simplify its operations and lower operational expenses. “By replacing aging, error-prone equipment we have also raised quality of service and received excellent user feedback”, added Ushakov.

Iskratel's SI3000 communications platforms in new street cabinets have allowed Rostelekom to reduce power consumption in a smaller footprint. According to Ushakov, “It is a win-win for us and our customers.”