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11. 2. 2015

Iskratel unleashes the next generation of universal home gateways, with GPON and 802.11ac

Warsaw, 11th Feb 2015 - The second generation of universal home gateways, now featuring GPON connectivity, was hard launched today at the FTTH Conference 2015 in Warsaw, with immediate availability. The Innbox V60U is very appealing to users, as it includes advanced features like dual-radio with 802.11ac MIMO wireless, full gigabit routing and several USB ports for extendibility.

“Iskratel has successfully delivered and implemented their CPE product Innbox V60U to our network, and along the way showed a high level of professionalism and competence. We have established that the equipment provided by Iskratel is of high quality and is reliable,” said Miroslav Štravs, CTO at ISP T-2 d.o.o.

”Most operators can calculate exactly how much they are spending on logistics and support operations. Iskratel's new hybrid CPE device drastically lowers the OPEX for any operator utilizing different access technologies in its network, no matter what size. Deploying just one type of CPE device with high-end features, instead of many, drastically simplifies and optimizes logistics. And not only that, when deploying a new technology to customers, intervention from technicians is no longer required, as end-users can be migrated seamlessly to the new technology and services.” explains Uroš Habič, Product Manager at Iskratel.