Press Centre - Iskratel
8. 5. 2015

First Calls Made in the Slovenian GSM-R Network

During the process of implementation of the Digital Radio System (GSM-R) in the Slovenian railway system, Iskratel has made first calls, thus achieving an important technological milestone. The first call from a mobile terminal to a mobile terminal within the emergent GSM-R network was made on 14 April 2015. This was followed by a call exchanged between the dispatcher terminals and, on 24 April 2015, a call exchanged between the mobile terminal and a dispatcher terminal.
The latter testifies of technical functioning of the system which introduces digital radio communication to the Slovenian Railways, which will be integrated with the systems of other European railway networks. As regards the benefits for train commuters, it will indirectly ensure higher safety of railway traffic.

“By implementing the core part of the network to manage making calls within the GSM-R network, we have made a big step forward,” says Borut Jarc, head of the GSM-R project in Iskratel. “Successful resolution of numerous challenges, such as changes of entire parts of the project or locations of base stations due to civil initiatives, has confirmed technical excellence of all teams participating in the consortium. The programme is under control and follows the established timeline and the implementation objectives we have set for it,” added Jarc.

In the second half of the year, infrastructural, construction and finishing works will take place simultaneously with technical testing and network optimisation, as well as installing optical and power cables, setting up antenna systems (towers) and preparation of spaces on as of yet unfinished routes. In the meantime, the operational services of the Slovenian Railways will be able to become acquainted with the functions of the new GSM-R system which will – until its handover – operate in parallel to the currently used solutions.