Press Centre - Iskratel
26. 1. 2016

Iskratel's Business Reference Center is a state-of-the-art center integrating the economic environment and technologies in the region

On 26th of January, the new acquisition of Iskratel coincides with the company's adopted long-term strategy, which expands the existing area of operation with its focus on telecommunications towards the domains of energy, transportation, and public safety. The Business Reference Center (BRC) is a center for infocommunications, a development tool, a live simulator and, most importantly, the company's sales window. At the same time, it is the only center of its kind in Europe, specialized in these areas. Iskratel will allocate 60 million euros for development in the next five years.
Iskratel is expanding and evolving from a classical telecommunications company (which still represents the core part of its business) into the developer and integrator of the most demanding infocommunications systems and solutions for the areas of energy, transport, and public safety. Today, its clearly defined new strategy is confirmed in the live simulation of such business environments. It is the right time for change, as traditional industries are increasingly becoming digitized and absolutely require knowledge of ICT, which gives Iskratel a great deal of optimism for the future of the business.

The BRC is a space that can be an interactive work environment for employees, a space for developing new business ideas, a test laboratory, a workshop, a classroom, a technology center, an exhibition area, or a sales platform. With the BRC, Iskratel confirms its highly competitive position in the global race of tech giants and reinforces the belief that the company is among those that do not merely speak of the breakthrough in new technologies or markets, but put words into action. That is also why the new center is a reference space displaying Slovenian knowledge and skills as well as development prospects at the national level.

The BRC's best asset is its design and concept allowing to combine numerous complex technologies in a real and simulation environment. The BRC took 6 months of intensive work. The value of the new acquisition is a little less than €1 million.

Iskratel thus confirms that it is the right company for strategic and cohesive development initiatives in the area of ICT, the Internet of Things (IoT), and other priority domains, which are represented in the BRC. It clearly shows that it is a market player with enviable potential to achieve visible growth in global markets in the coming years. Slovenia urgently needs such companies that are able to bring their expertise and the expertise of their partners to foreign markets, create new added value, create opportunities for young talents, and contribute to long-term stability and prosperity.

Therefore, the Iskratel company is addressing all Slovenian companies, whatever their size—start-ups and large companies, academic and research institutions—with a comprehensive and concrete call for cooperation and integration for the common goals of creating new chains of added value, exporting domestic knowledge to global markets, establishing partnerships and strategic alliances. Iskratel is thus stepping to the forefront of leading domestic breakthrough companies operating in the spirit and in accordance with the guidelines and objectives of the Smart Specialization of Slovenia Strategy. By 2020, it aspires to double its revenues and embark on the path to becoming Slovenia's next billion company.

Iskratel's CEO Željko Puljić said at the opening: “Over the next five years, we will renew our product portfolio and base it on such modern ICT trends as virtualization, the Internet of Things, NFV, and M2M. To this end, we will invest 60 million euros in development; our first step is opening the Business Reference Centre. It allows us to let our customers experience real environments and use their findings for easier and better development of next-generation solutions and application scenarios. This acquisition is as important for us as flight simulators are important for Airbus and Boeing.”

Iskratel is celebrating an estimable anniversary: its 70 years of operation. At this point, they are entering a new period of development and hoping to minimize administrative burdens and forge domestic alliances for Slovenian economy to break into foreign markets. It also hopes to continue obtaining great support from economic diplomacy, which has been assisting Iskratel for years and which plays an extremely important role in demanding markets in establishing contacts and enhancing relations and confidence at the state level.