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3. 3. 2020

Innovation is the link to the sustainable society of the future

Kranj, Yekaterinburg, Skopje, 3 March, 2020 - "The natural curiosity, along with enthusiasm and imagination, is a prerequisite to the development of innovativeness, which is a driving force for the advancement of society and its sustainability," emphasise at Iskratel, a company from Kranj, Slovenia, while they are preparing for a week of !Nnovation, which will tako place in the second half of April, from 20 to 24 April, 2020.

As part of the project, they have already prepared two challenges that are set to encourage the innovation potential, connect generations, and strengthen the bond between the school system and the economy, within and outside of Slovenia.

"If we look at the European Innovation Scoreboard for 2019, the average value of indicators has placed Slovenia on the 15th place out of all EU members, i.e. in the group of moderate innovators. But we believe Slovenia can reach the group of the leading innovators. We already have a large potential, now however, we need to create an encouraging, kind and attractive setting. And this can be achieved if we collaborate and connect the school system with the economy, and jointly promote entrepreneurial activities," as emphasised by Jelica L. Lajovic, MSc, Director of Human Resources and Corporate Communication at Iskratel, where innovation is one of the key competence of all employees, and the thirst for knowledge one of the three business values building Iskratel’s organisational culture of connectedness.

International challenge for students and experts

"As an international company, Iskratel has an opportunity to connect young people with experts in Slovenia and abroad. For this reason, we have decided to prepare the !Nternational Challenge, in cooperation with our companies in Russia and North Macedonia, Iskrauraltel in ITS Iskratel," as explained by Gregor Smolej, Innovation Manager at Iskratel.

This challenge is for students, experts, and startups with a keen interest in the world of future. The world that will be propelled by the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence. The world that will use the technologies of future for the digital transformation of the industry and will contribute to a safer, more advanced and more sustainable society. You can find more information about the challenge and application here.

Challenges for Slovenian pupils (students of primary school and high school)

With a wish to strengthen the bond between the school system and economy on one hand, and to encourage the thirst for knowledge, creativity, and innovation on the other, Iskratel has joined forces with the Slovenian project 'Let’s be Engineers!' which promotes engineering professions to young people, and the National School of Leadership in Education (Šola za ravnatelje) that strives to develop leadership in education through professional and versatile collaborations. Jointly, they have prepared the '!N Challenge Junior' intended for pupils of Slovenian high schools. The participants will be looking for opportunities to develop simple medical devices and thus enable a better and longer activity and well-being of people, while also improving the quality of life of the elderly, the disabled and the ill. 

On the other hand, primary school students have been invited to participate in the 'Inter-generational !N Challenge' competition. In this challenge, the pupils will work together with their grandparents to find answers to questions like what was the meaning of thirst for knowledge or the biggest innovation of their grandparent’s childhood.

After a single day of innovation in 2019, innovativeness will be getting a whole week in 2020, with the ‘The !N Day’ peak

During the week of innovation taking place from 20 to 24 April, Iskratel is planning several activities for its employees, challenge participants and other guests. The central event ‘!N Day’ will take place on Thursday, 23 April. Before noon, Iskratel will present its innovative internal environment to pupils, teachers, and principals of high schools and start the connection between the school system and economy. An important role will also be played by the members of the round table, principals of high schools and Ana Robnik, engineer at Iskratel and the nominee for Engineer of 2019. The winning idea of the '!N Challenge Junior' competition will also be announced. In the afternoon, Emil Tedeschi, CEO at Atlantic Grupa, will share his experience, success stories, and his thoughts on the role of innovation in modern leadership. Furthermore, the winning idea of the '!Nternational Challenge' will be announced later that day.

Iskratel organised their first Day of Innovation, the first of its kind, in 2019. More than 200 people from all over Slovenia attended their !N Day. In 2020, a whole week will be dedicated to innovativeness and, being a socially responsible company, to encourage the development of this competence in the society of Slovenia and abroad.