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19. 4. 2022

Digitalisation with Iskratel Private Networks and 5G Core Network Solution

The enterprise private mobile 4G/5G networks provide unique opportunity to enable secure, reliable, and fast connectivity solution that enables digitalisation of industries. By means of dedicated indoor or outdoor coverage and capacity, enterprise private mobile 4G/5G networks provide digitisation and digitalisation based on various connected devices to exchange data or video across various ecosystems for different use cases. This allows enterprises to deploy automated and intelligent communications and self-monitoring systems to analyse and diagnose business processes without the need for human intervention. In many cases secure mission-critical voice services still present basic service supporting operational communications between personnel.

Many enterprises will benefit from their own private network (LTE/5G) with ultra-reliable low-latency connectivity for example to automate their manufacturing lines and manage security risks. Private networks can easily be deployed to work with automated robots at manufacturing lines, real-time monitoring for pipelines at utilities, asset tracking for logistics or even ensuring group calls during emergency situations. With private networks enterprises maintain control over coverage and traffic, while always ensuring enough capacity for critical communications.

Reference case:

Iskratel together with partners provides mission-critical mining connectivity

The joint solution supports a mining enterprise’s transition to 5G technology
After a thorough review analysis of the customer’s requirements, Iskratel proposed fully tailored system in the most demanding environment, with local redundancy, all necessary licences for subscribers, together with network design, installation and commissioning, training, emergency support, and 5 years of maintenance.

The private network solution provides data connectivity for up to 3,000 devices, and mission-critical Push-to-Talk communication services to 500 handsets across the large industrial site of almost 36 square kilometres. The solution supports up to 8 Gbps of throughput and can further scale to support hundreds of thousands of subscribers and a higher throughput. The partnership with local mobile operator includes the replacement of analogue Push-to-Talk systems, and provides secure, reliable connectivity to the mining company’s headquarters.

This project is an important milestone for the 5G private campus network ambitions at Iskratel and helps bring real benefits to customers, including increased safety and productivity, and reduced costs. By satisfying the needs of the mining company, Iskratel continues to showcase its range of mission-critical Push-to-Talk/Data/Video systems.

The mining company was searching to improve its energy efficiency and reduce production costs, and thus recognised the opportunity to acquire digital private network based on present state-of-the-art technologies.
“We are pleased to work closely with Iskratel to provide connectivity for the digital transformation of a mining enterprise. The collaboration will serve as the cornerstone of the company’s future development and success as it looks to leverage advanced technology to reap the benefits of digitalisation,” local mobile operator stated. “Together, we can perfectly address the needs of the customer and deliver a communications infrastructure that provides resilient, low-latency, and high-bandwidth services.”

Digitalisation as a key driver for 5G development

Comprehensive and optimal private 5G solution
Although public 5G networks are being deployed everywhere, they will need to co-exist side by side with other wireless technologies for many years – but these legacy technologies will fail to cope with the need for increasing performance and efficiency. The main considerations are leaning towards deployment of cloud-native standalone 5G networks not only in the public, but even more in the private domain. Iskratel’s mission is to provide comprehensive and optimal private 5G solution that provides customisable and reliable services. The main aim of the end-to-end 5G solution is to provide services and applications suitable for each enterprise to enable operations with optimal costs and highest quality of services. These applications enrich the communication among people, devices, and various systems.
Industrial IoT TSN implementation
Time sensitive networking (TSN) standards were primarily developed for ethernet but with 5G wireless segment kicks in. TSN must ensure and guarantee packet transport with low latency, low packet delay variation, and low packet loss. This is usually found where data streams from various operational technology (OT) applications with different timing sensitivity are carried together with information technology (IT) flows on the same network infrastructure.
Future Railway Mobile Communication System (FRMCS)
FRMCS development shows a clear preference towards 5G, a choice supported by many major European railway operators. 5G will fully support the mission-critical needs of rail operators and the FRMCS framework, with ultra-reliable, high-speed, low latency networks that enable standardised mission-critical communications and support new automation technologies.
Fixed-Wireless Access (FWA)
FWA is an increasingly popular access network technology that brings broadband services to residential and business locations where cable/optical infrastructure is not viable. It works by connecting two fixed locations using wireless technologies, effectively eliminating the need for last-mile investments.
Public 5G Safety
5G Safety project focuses on reliable 5G-ready communications, services, and applications tailored to the needs of the Public Protection and Disaster Relief (PPDR) professionals and citizens. The aim is to bring new applications in heterogenous environment with the migration strategy from narrowband networks (TETRA, DMR, GSM-R) to broadband technologies (4G/5G and beyond).
Many enterprises will benefit from private networks and the 5G technology to automate business processes, reduce security risks or protect employees from hazardous situations. Request more information about Iskratel's 5G solution to explore numerous scenarios that we can solve together and find out how they map to your specific needs.

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Many enterprises will benefit from private networks and the 5G technology to automate business processes, reduce security risks or protect employees from hazardous situations.

Request more information about Iskratel's 5G solution to explore numerous scenarios that we can solve together and find out how they map to your specific needs.

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