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S&T Iskratel, informacijske in komunikacijske rešitve, d.o.o., the parent company of the S&T Iskratel Group, is a leading European provider of comprehensive and highly reliable solutions for a smart, safe, and connected future. With its wide portfolio of comprehensive ICT solutions for the digitalisation of various industries combined with the fast and reliable support, S&T Iskratel is present in more than 50 countries worldwide. Its “costumer-first approach”, own development of products and over 1,000 employees in 10 countries, enables the group to fulfil the requirements of developing digital environments. Its solutions play an important role developing a progressive, better-connected, sustainable and secure society. S&T Iskratel is a trusted partner and a responsible choice on your path and growth in the digital future.

S&T Iskratel is a company of Kontron AG, a fast-growing technology group focused on the development of the advanced loT solutions for businesses with industrial transformation and digitalization goals. The Kontron group, which has companies in 32 countries and more than 6,000 employees, generated over €1.34 billion in revenue in 2021.
15. 2. 2017

Operators must learn new tricks when it comes to profitable business models

The time has come for local operators to embrace the new business models being created by fiber networks and virtualization techniques, with those that ignore these opportunities likely to miss out on their share of the market, Iskratel’s newly appointed Chief Technology Officer proclaimed today.
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28. 11. 2016

Iskratel successfully addressing major operators in African market at the FTTH Conference 2016 in Cape Town

Iskratel, the leading European infocommunications vendor and solutions provider, successfully addressed both major operators in South Africa with fibre-based broadband solutions together with its partner Pivotel at the FTTH Conference 2016 in Cape Town this October.
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12. 10. 2016

Virtual IMS on ETSI NFV architecture unveiled by Iskratel at SDN World Congress 2016

Iskratel, the leading European infocommunications vendor and solutions provider, will present a unique case study of Virtual IMS deployment at a major European Tier-1 operator at the SDN & OpenFlow World Congress in The Hague, Netherlands, October 10-14, 2016.
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17. 2. 2016

Iskratel completes access portfolio with new-gen GPON

Iskratel announces two new-generation GPON products. New-gen GPON blade rounds-up Iskratel’s universal access platform SI3000 Lumia, while standalone pizza box SI3000 Lumia G8 covers smallest deployments.
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26. 1. 2016

Iskratel's Business Reference Center is a state-of-the-art center integrating the economic environment and technologies in the region

On 26th of January, the new acquisition of Iskratel coincides with the company's adopted long-term strategy, which expands the existing area of operation with its focus on telecommunications towards the domains of energy, transportation, and public safety.
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18. 1. 2016

Iskratel Adds Veeting Rooms to its Product Portfolio

Iskratel, a successful and innovative European telecommunications solutions provider, integrates a white-label version of Veeting Rooms into Iskratel Unified Communications solution.
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8. 5. 2015

First Calls Made in the Slovenian GSM-R Network

During the process of implementation of the Digital Radio System (GSM-R) in the Slovenian railway system, Iskratel has made first calls, thus achieving an important technological milestone.
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11. 2. 2015

Iskratel unleashes the next generation of universal home gateways, with GPON and 802.11ac

The second generation of universal home gateways, now featuring GPON connectivity, was hard launched today at the FTTH Conference 2015 in Warsaw, with immediate availability. The Innbox V60U is very appealing to users, as it includes advanced features like dual-radio with 802.11ac MIMO wireless, full gigabit routing and several USB ports for extendibility.
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11. 2. 2015

Iskratel reveals a secret on how to achieve a one-year ROI when deploying fibre, and proves it with a customer case study

Iskratel’s strong portfolio of FTTC solutions can facilitate record-breaking ROI, previously unseen in the world of fibre. Several operators deploying Iskratel FTTB/C indoor or outdoor cabinets have reported very short ROI.
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18. 9. 2014

Iskratel to showcase integrated InfoCommunication solutions for railways at InnoTrans 2014

Come to Hall 4.1A at Stand no. 202 and see the technology that is already being used in Slovenia’s largest infrastructure project – GSM-R, worth around €140 million.
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