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For customer premises,

Iskratel provides an award-winning family of Innbox CPE products.
Innbox F60

High-end gigabit P2P optical home gateway for premium triple-play experience combines an opto-electrical converter with a powerful home networking engine in a single device.
  • Powerful full-gigabit home gateway for broadband triple-play services.
  • Multiple local interfaces (wired and wireless).
  • Triple-play home gateway to provide multiple HDTV IP streams.
  • Fully featured router and firewall, secure wireless transmission and authentication.
  • Line-rate routing performance for up to 1 Gbps in both directions.
  • Optional fibre-termination unit with RF fibre-coax converter.


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Innbox home gateways

  • Innbox F60


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    Maximising in-house Wi-Fi coverage
    and performance with mesh Wi-Fi

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