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For customer premises,

Iskratel provides an award-winning family of Innbox CPE products.
Innbox PLC500M and PLC500W

Powerline adapters support PLC data rates up to 95 Mbps over household power lines, 150 Mbps over the air and 100 Mbps over Ethernet ports.

With high PLC throughput and low latency, Innbox PLC500M and PLC500W enable efficient delivery of a range of residential and commercial services and applications to every corner of the house or office.
  • High data rate over existing power lines.
  • Plug-and-play with no new wires, no installation, no software configuration required.
  • PLC-based Wi-Fi access points for connectivity all over the house.

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  • PLC500M

  • PLC500W


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    Maximising in-house Wi-Fi coverage and
    performance with powerline communications

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