Smooth transition from analogue telephony to VoIP:

for corporate deployment or for public FTTB networks.
SI3000 Peso is a compact 1U VoIP gateway with a capacity of 32 client POTS ports and an Ethernet uplink with support of SIP, H.248, MGCP and fax protocols.

The SI3000 Peso is a perfect solution for small and medium-sized businesses, allowing the customer to interconnect legacy terminal equipment with new IP-based networks and thus protect past investments.

In FTTB or FTTC networks, SI3000 Peso connects the end users and acts as a POTS aggregator.
  • Plug and call functionality.
  • Free local call functionality.
  • Interconnect with legacy terminal equipment protects past investments.
  • Stand-alone operation and local survivability, even without IP connectivity.
  • Integration in OSS/BSS applications.