Copper-Based Broadband - Iskratel

Copper-based broadband provides easy and complete reuse

of existing copper infrastructure. Iskratel's scalable solution addresses all customer densities and represents a cost-effective upgrade to FTTx.
DSL from CO

VDSL2 from the Central Office is the most cost-optimised approach for meeting the demands for improved services.

  • Cost-optimised solution with complete reuse of existing copper infrastructure.
  • Enhanced introduction of services for improved bandwidth and experience.
  • Latest VDSL2 with ADSL2+ fall-back technology (bonding and vectoring).
  • The highest subscriber port density per shelf.
  • High-quality services and improved users’ QoE.



FTTC is the best approach to extend the fibre closer to the end users and optimally reuse the existing copper infrastructure, bringing broadband services to underserved users in rural and suburban areas.
  • Significant investment savings.
  • Rapid and straightforward deployment.
  • Sustainable business models that protect investment, retain revenue and monetise new services.
  • Reduced OPEX with simple activation of broadband services and applications.



Optimum solution for buildings with a high subscriber density, with complete reuse of existing in-building wiring to reach all customer premises.
  • High bandwidth and high-quality services retain end users and improve their experience.
  • Pay as you grow, allowing you to manage the balance between expenses and revenues.
  • Hold all threads of the open access network in your hands.